Who are we?

Chimege Systems is a Mongolian startup company founded in 2019 developing AI solutions for Mongolic languages.

What we do?

We do natural language processing such as automatic speech recognition and speech synthesizing technology for Mongolian. Based on these technologies, Chimege creators introduced Speech to Text (Chimege Writer), Text to Speech application (Chimege Reader) and API products, which have already found its applications in multiple industries in Mongolia optimizing their businesses as well as enabling convenience to individual users.

How it helps?

Speech technology plays a vital role in people’s life such as talking to robots, controlling devices, aiding the visually and hearing-impaired peoples, enabling hands free technology etc.

Our awards and achievements

We know winning isn’t everything. However, among the many awards we’ve received, we highlight the most prestigious and respected among startup communities.

Invest in Chimege.

We will develop new products, invest sales and marketing, expand data centers. Invest us and benefit from a rapidly growing emergent market.

Job vacancies

Our doors are always open to the people who are eager to learn and who will make a difference in our company and our co-workers every day.

Want to collaborate with us?

Who are we? What we do? How it helps Awards
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