Artificial intelligence is our future

3/24/2022, 01:30 PM

Not so long ago, people didn't believe in talking about artificial intelligence and unthinkable. It was the most frozen branch for long time.
But now people are using artificial intelligence in their daily lives that they don't even know about. Imaging systems, traffic control, vacuum robots, voice assistants, car accessories, driverless cars, etc. are a very long list.

Some people believe that artificial intelligence will take away jobs and destroy humanity, while others believe that it will help people to work, not to take away jobs.
Let's imagine, who wouldn't want to have a home and a personal assistant who can take a shower, listen to their day-to-day work plans, know the weather, hot topics, drive a car, and talk?

At all times of social development, mankind has always wanted to live comfortably. Therefore, only artificial intelligence can best satisfy this human desire. So, whether we like it or not, artificial intelligence is our future.

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