Chimege participated in Hello Tomorrow.

3/24/2022, 05:04 PM

For the first time this year, the Chimege Systems participated in the Hello Tomorrow competition, which is called the Deep tech industry ecosystem and learned a lot. First of all, Deep tech is a category of startups or innovations that provide significant technological solutions based on real challenges of science and engineering. It's sometimes called Hard Tech.

For example, if a store goes digital and becomes an online store, it often becomes a web store without having to build a new one, repairing old online shopping apps, or having them done by a software company. This is not Deep tech. After all, the core of the business model is to sell goods, not technology. Technology is just a tool to achieve its goals. For Deep Tech startups, technology is the focus. It usually focuses on development for companies in the B2B sector, not for traditional end users. Therefore, the level of development innovation is very high.

Deep Tech addresses the issue of digitizing all walks of life, and more recently, biological data has focused on solutions developed by Deep Learning. In fact, the word Deep is derived from it.

Hello Tomorrow is the most influential event of the Deep Tech industry in Paris every year and this time lasted for 3 days in Paris. This year's Hello Tomorrow competition featured the top 100 startups in the world, including 40 Deep tech pioneers, and was proud to include Chimege. But I don't know if it was due to Covey's situation, there were a lot of solutions in the field of health and biotechnology. With the exception of a few space technology solutions and agricultural solutions, the Information Technology Chimege Systems was the only one.

The event provided an overview of how fast the world is developing, and the amount of investment that can be made is estimated at tens of millions of dollars.

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